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Why should I join your Marketing Affiliate?

Our Affiliate App serves as your online marketing horses working 24 hours a day and portfolio that leads you to win the competitions. Become our Marketing Affiliate is just like you have an army of advertising experts at your back. We provide you with all the necessary marketing tools, tips, training, and sample work so you can start selling and earning immediately.

Do I need to pay you to get this app up and running?

No, our Affiliate App is Absolutely Free. Free to use it as long as you are active. Otherwise, your slot as a Marketing Affiliate will be given to another deserving applicant.

How long to setup my own Affiliate App?

Your Affiliate App setup time is more or less 30 minutes to become live on the internet. But on publishing sample projects, we need 2-3 days to realize it, so all in all, we need to complete the app in 3days. But on publishing your products for online shopping, we need more time to do it. All products to be published have unique variation options and computations that require a longer time to complete.

What are the benefits of being Marketing Affiliate?

You have the following benefits:
1. Free Marketing Affiliate App with eCommerce Features
2. Free SEO for your Marketing Affiliate App (we’ll do it in the background)
3. Your Affiliate App will be indexed in Google within 15 days
4. You can quickly sell our products and services immediately
5. Free 1 book of sample projects created for Affiliate
6. Free training, tutorials, and tips on Zoom Meeting
7. Priority support 24/7 via email
8. Provide affiliate ID that you can use for meeting with the client
9. Priority in preparing and sending of quotations
10. Provide yearly incentives
11. Get instant income in online ordering and shopping
12. Get paid on the customer’s first payment
13. Free 1 email account to use ex:

Can I use my own email for Marketing Affiliate?

No, we provide it for FREE, a 1 email account to use for marketing and communicating with your customers and that is System directive is set to send all notifications and inquiries from Affiliate App to our provided email only. Notifications include:

1. Contact Form Submission
2. Request a Quote Submission
3. Request a Callback Notification
4. Livechat Notification
5. New Registered Customer
6. New Order Notification
7. Published Post Notification
8. New Published Comment
9. Comment Moderation
10. And many more

What is this Marketing Affiliate App?

Marketing Affiliate App is designed for Affiliate to easily market our products and services without spending a single centavo. This MAA is just like you have your own website with e-commerce features. You can maximize the profits by adding our sign and print products ready for checkout for the best online shopping experience.

How many Marketing Affiliates are allowed per location?

2-3 Marketing Affiliates allowed in one location for you to maximize your earnings.

Who prepares the quotation for my clients using Affiliate App?

You don’t have to worry about preparing your quotations because our Sales and Marketing Group will handle those things for you. We will send the quotation directly to your inbox, and you have to tell us how much percentage to add above our quoted price as your markup.

Ex: Quoted Price is P80, 000 then will give this to you as Affiliate Price of P70, 000, so you have P10, 000 earnings if the customers will approve it. You are the one meeting and talking with our customers, so you should know or have an idea about their budget.

If you are happy with that quotation, you can now send that quotation to your customer using Affiliate Provided Email only. Using other emails is strictly prohibited. Honest is the key for you to succeed in business.

How to generate income using this Affiliate App?

There are two types of income generations using this Affiliate App.
1. Income generated from Online Shopping
2. Income earnings from submitted quotation to clients

How do I get paid from my earnings with this Affiliate App?

In our Affiliate Application Form, we have included fields to be filled up with your bank account details so that your earnings will be transferred to your bank account directly.
Schedule of Payments:First Payment before starting the Project– if the client pays using Check, we’ll have to transfer your Affiliate Commission upon Check clearing.Full Payment after finishing the Project– if the client pays using Check, we’ll have to transfer your Affiliate Commission upon Check clearing.

What are the things I should do to make this Affiliate App running?

Your App is just like your own Facebook, and you need to have 1 new blog post in your blog section every week to be indexed and first page rank in Google search.

Your App is built-in with Livechat and Request a Callback marketing features where you can generate leads. You need to be always online with your provided email because all forms and system notifications are sent to that email address.
This has to be tackled and included in our tutorials and training.

How to market my own Affiliate App?

Sharing your Affiliate App link to your social media accounts will help you get customers. But the voluminous amount of customers’ inquiries is coming from Google search. Our Team will do the SEO and Optimize your app pages and posts in the background. 

Our explainer video says that your Marketing Affiliate App will be indexed in Google within 15 days. You can quickly sell our products and services, and that’s how fast you can generate income.

Share your link as much as possible by creating facebook fanpage about your app. Every time you have a post, you should include the link or website app link in your content. ex:

How my blog and project posts could be indexed in Google?

Your Affiliate App is a Search Engine Friendly designed and could be easily indexed by search engines as fast as 2 weeks. Our Team will do the SEO and Optimize your app pages and posts in the background. 

So you don’t have to worry about the SEO thing. We’ll do it for you. You can focus on marketing aspects and selling our products and services with ease.

Do you provide proper training about this Affiliate App?

Yes, of course, we have proper training and tutorials via Zoom for at least 1-2 hours. We also provide you with a video tutorial on specific areas of your Affiliate App dashboard. These videos are published in your App Dashboard so that you can watch them anytime.

I'm in the Province, can I apply to become Marketing Affiliate?

Yes, you can be our Marketing Affiliate in your area because Skylite Advertising Studio Co., Inc. has Nationwide Showrooms and Branches to cater to your customers’ needs. We are many locations that are soon to open.

How easy to manage this Affiliate App?

Managing your Affiliate App is simple as 1,2,3. At first, you feel a little bit confusing, but in the middle of our training, you will see how easy to manage this app.

How to keep my Affiliate Account up and running?

You must not be inactive for two months, or else your Affiliate App will be available to another Marketing Affiliate Applicant.

Will you terminate this Affiliate App if I'm not interested anymore?

No, your Affiliate App will not be terminated, and we will transfer it to another Marketing Affiliate Applicant instead. We do not terminate it because the more the Affiliate App lives on the internet, the more it will rank high in Google.

What is my Marketing Affiliate App link?

Your Affiliate App link looks like this…

Can I see the actual Affiliate App?

Here is one of the Marketing Affiliates in Batangas.

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