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About the Founder

B​Ben Colminas (Founder) He is a Filipino Web Designer & Apps Developer, Motion Graphic Artist, Creative & Interior Designer, 2D/3D Animator, Video Editor, VFX Compositor, Signage Specialist, and Innovator. He is the founder, owner of Skylite Advertising Studio Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Skylite is No.1 and the largest sign advertising and multimedia company in the country. He started accepting drawing jobs and freehand designs at the age of 12. And his artistic and creative skills were fully developed into a more creative and innovative artist. He can draw a photo-realistic painting and design from simple ballpen and paper to life-sized mural paintings and massive painting projects from companies, celebrities, and politicians between 2005 to 2009. Another remarkable thing about Ben C as an artist is he can paint using his bare hands.

He has a degree of BS in Civil Engineering and a BS in Accountancy. He accepts Civil Engineering works as a freelance contractor while taking up his degree in BS Accountancy. He spent almost two years as Junior Accountant in Pizza Hut Main Office. In 2003 September, he founded Skylite Advertising Studio at a young age, the most youthful owner of an advertising and multimedia company in the country. Today, the company is now serving the most prestigious brands around the globe. Learn more

“​Personally Designed and Developed the Skylite Portfolio & eCommerce Websites.” | | | | | | | | | | | | |

“His creative works was featured on GMA 7 in 2013”

He developed this portfolio app and web interactive company portfolio for one purpose to showcase our creative advertising services and multimedia design capabilities.